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Using ENVI with Forestry Applications

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Please join us for this web seminar to learn more about the power of using imagery in your workflow.

One of the most powerful applications of remote sensing is using imagery in the field of forestry.  Imagery can help us assess forest health, identify and inventory valuable tree species, monitor forestry management practices, and locate invasive species.  Additionally, visualizing and analyzing imagery can aid in forest fire studies by understanding fire fuel loads, tracking fire extent, and mapping forest fire severity.  Depending on the imagery used, you can conduct fine-scale analysis like species identification, or monitor large-scale projects such as global deforestation.

In this one hour seminar, we will touch on these topics and give you an introduction to using ENVI with Forestry Applications. ENVI is the premier software solution for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery. ENVI software combines the latest spectral image processing and image analysis technology with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you get meaningful information from imagery.   This webinar will:

  • Visualize satellite imagery to investigate damaged forest areas
  • Conduct a vegetation analysis in ENVI
  • Analyze the results of the detected change in forest extent

No previous experience with ENVI is required for participation in this seminar. Pre-registration for this event is required.

Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2009
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): ITTVIS
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Cherie Darnel