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Driving Organic Growth through Key Account Expansion

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Establishing organic growth is exceptionally difficult in today’s economic environment. Additionally, product and service quality parity, compressed branding messages that challenge the ability to differentiate, and a variety of other circumstances have converged to yield a business environment in which key accounts may have become even more critical than they already were. Today, key accounts hold the potential to serve not only as a stabilizing force in turbulent times, but possibly one of the better opportunities for organic growth.  In some situations, these accounts:


·         Provide steady revenue streams

·         Function as major drivers of profitability

·         Offer opportunity to expand a portfolio of products and services

·         Create opportunity to move up the value chain


The focus of this webinar will be to share experiences and insights into how some organizations are mobilizing to ensure that they are well-positioned to meet their key accounts’ needs.

Specifically this talk will encompass:

  • Mapping the value chain in a way that will prove both relevant to key accounts and beneficial with respect to organic growth
  • Capitalizing on the opportunity to move up the value chain
  • Identifying the requirements needed to gain permission to move up the value chain
  • Incorporating client feedback into account-planning metrics and activities
  • Assessing progress over time at both the account and enterprise level

Join us as we explore the creative and innovative ways in which organizations are engaging with key accounts to gain permission to move up the value chain, enhance competitive differentiation and drive business growth.



Linda G. Shea,
SVP, Global Managing Director Customer Strategies

Warren B. Frankel, SVP, Customer Strategies  
Alli Libb, Moderator, American Marketing Association



Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2009
Time: 12:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Alli Libb
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