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Independent Contractor Status in 2009 & Beyond

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With several anti-independent contractor bills pending in the current U.S. Congress and one of the Presidential nominees being the principal sponsor of one of those bills, companies that operate with independent contractors often inquire about the political landscape for independent-contractor viability during 2009 and beyond.  The most common response to that inquiry is that "it depends". 

It depends on the outcome of the November elections.  This webinar -- scheduled for after the November elections -- is focused on answering that question after knowing the outcome of the elections.  The presentation will also provide a broad overview of the current environment generally for independent contractors and cover related developments at the Executive Branch of government and how those developments might be affected by the new political leadership that is elected in November. 

Come hear post-election commentary on the status of independent contractors.  


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Date: Thu, Nov 20, 2008
Time: 12:30 PM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Ken McKenzie
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Russell A. Hollrah
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Russ Hollrah is an "AV" rated attorney with a national practice dedicated to employee-benefits, employment taxes and the specific application of those laws to contingent workers, either directly or through a third-party firm.  He also defends companies against challenges to their treatment of workers as non-employees.  His clients include both the companies for which contingent workers perform services as well as the companies that engage workers and refer or assign them to perform services for other companies.  His practice, Hollrah Leyden LLC, covers both federal and state laws.

Russ is a regular participant at the NARMS Spring Conference and will host both "Breakfast with the Expert" and appointment-only "Consultation" sessions at the 2009 event in Colorado Springs, CO.