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Storytelling with Data


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As insights leaders, we are constantly tasked with evolving our skill sets and staying on top of the latest market research trends.
The producers of TMRE: The Market Research Event are excited to announce that we’ll be delivering the cutting-edge content and speakers to keep you informed year-round. The TMRE webinar series takes you beyond the in-person event, and is designed for executives with a relentless focus on securing the future of insights as a powerful force for business success. Each quarter, the TMRE Webinar series delivers a 3-part webinar experience designed to empower insights executives with the latest information around hot topics to ensure insights drives bottom line impact.
Our upcoming webinar is “Storytelling with Data” hosted by FocusVision. Driving the value of insights forward requires much more than just unearthing great data. You need to use that data to tell a story and command influence across the broader organization. Because storytelling may not be an inherent skill, this 3-part webinar focuses on how to use data to create an engaging, informative, compelling story.  
Date: Wed, May 24, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): FocusVision


•  Storytelling with Data
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Kelsy Saulsbury, Manager, Consumer Insight & Analytics, Schwan's Shared Services, LLC
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Having trouble getting that long report read? People today are short on time and attention and getting work noticed is harder and harder. Infographics done right can be an effective way to get the conversation going or make the key points you need to make. Kelsy will share tips for translating data to infographics and how to work effectively with designers.

Bill Greenwald, Founder and Chief Neuroleaderologist, Windsor Leadership Group, LLC
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Anyone who has ever presented a data-driven presentation understands a simple truism: data alone, no matter how factual it is, does little to inspire hearts, influence behavior or drive sustained impact. Indeed, the typical data-driven presentation merely ‘informs’ but rarely ‘transforms’ the life of an audience member. William will share how you can leverage brain science and the art of storytelling to optimize the relevancy and sustained impact your audience will derive from your data-driven presentations

Your Webinar Host: Zoe Dowling, Lead Research Strategist, FocusVision
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Storytelling for insights has never been more important. Moving pictures are a powerful way to bring the story to life and elevate the impact of research findings. Seeing faces, hearing voices and understanding emotions creates a different level of connection and empathy. Video data, long available for qualitative research, is now also possible to be integrated with survey research. This presentation will discuss how video open ends can be incorporated into your survey and considerations for questionnaire design as well as analysis and reporting.