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An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Dial Testing

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As the game clock ticked down in the final moments of the 2011 Super Bowl, viewers across the country watched not only the titans of the sport slug it out for the hailed spot of best football team, but also another set of teams vying for the top spot among viewers…advertisers. Doritos, Bud Light, Volkswagen, Snickers and Pepsi Max were in a neck-in-neck fight to capture as much mindshare among football fans as possible, by crafting what has traditionally been known as the highlight of the game…Super Bowl ads.

But how does a brand claim victory on such an occasion? This year, two different reaction methods were being used to gather viewer response and anoint a winner. The first method was a time-tested, traditional approach to perceptual evaluation. The second was an innovative alternative to the conventional process, a method that is changing the way that market researchers are approaching perceptual analysis in an evolving research industry.

Vibetrak is the web-based alternative that not only evaluated viewer’s moment-by-moment interest in the ads, but allowed its developers, the Flynn Wright research team, to drill down into the data and compare how specific target groups of viewers connected and reacted to each ad. By understanding how various audience segments responded to an ad, market researchers can provide the brand with better direction in being able to refine ad elements and craft a more impactful concept.

Using Vibetrak, the Flynn Wright research team was able to quickly gather feedback from viewers across the country in a more natural viewing environment and at a lower cost than the conventional testing set up. Register for the webinar today to learn more about this innovative tool and see how it can provide you with better data, faster and at a lower cost than traditional testing methods.
Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2011
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Market Research Bulletin
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Paul Schlueter, Vice President
Research at Flynn Wright
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Paul Schlueter brings his 17 years of experience in the advertising industry and 13 years as a research professional to present about the web-based alternative testing model Vibetrak.  In his role as the agency’s lead research advisor, Paul is intimately involved during the assessment phase of agency work.  With expertise in the qualitative evaluation of promotional strategy and tactics, Paul has pioneered a unique web-based perception analysis system that was introduced during the 2007 QRCA show in Vancouver, British Columbia. Within the past four years, Paul has helped to pioneer advances in brand tracking research and strategic brand development that have had a dramatic effect on our clients in a wide range of markets.
Paul carries 11 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research consultation and is certified as a focus group director through the Greeley Institute (Greeley, CO, ‘98).
•       Qualitative Consultation
•       Quantitative Consultation
•       Focus Group Moderator