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NAHAD Members: Identify and Develop the Right Sales Talent for Your Company

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Identify and Develop the Right Sales Talent for Your Company

As organizations establish growth strategies, one concern they face is the possibility of not having the right talent and/or skills to meet their goals. Can you identify top sales performers who will be successful in your organization? Do you know which employees exhibit the right sales skills?

Assessments can provide in-depth, objective, comprehensive, and reliable information about your employees; far beyond what you could uncover through performance reviews or day-to-day interaction. 

In this session (webinar) sponsored by our partner Profiles International, Inc. in association with NAHAD, Anthony Pantaleone, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Profiles International will share insights on:

  • Identifying the right sales talent for your organization
  • Providing actionable content to make informed decisions during the selection  process 
  • Defining sales skills that relate to your "go-to-market strategy"
  • Establishing a consistent and scalable methodology for selection and development that can be utilized with a high degree of effectiveness
  • Leveraging your resources to have the greatest impact in the least amount of time
  • Creating ways to cascade leadership effectiveness throughout your organization in terms of better communication, sales coaching and a more engaged workforce
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Host(s): Anthony Pantaleone
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Anthony Pantaleone
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Vice President, Enterprise Solutions (NAHAD contact)
Anthony has been working with our clients for over 20 years.  His passion with our business stems from his ability to leverage assessment information to empower our clients to achieve better business results and for individuals to contribute at the highest levels.  Join Anthony as he shares proven practices for Sales Selection and Development. 

Follow him on Twitter @aspantaleone