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Case Study: Industry Collaboration Makes Next Generation Biopharmaceutical Processing a Reality

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Templated mAb manufacturing processes are “standard” in the biopharma industry. However, today’s mAb producers are increasingly challenged by both internal and external factors such as the rise of biosimilar development, patent expirations, and facility fit constraints, making investigations into process intensification approaches and strong collaborative efforts a real necessity.

In this part II webinar within the webinar series “Collaborate to Innovate,” a concrete case study of a successful international industry and academia consortium consigned to develop a next generation downstream bioprocessing will be discussed.

You will get insights into:
  • Trends and drivers leading to the emerging paradigm shift towards continuous bioprocessing
  • How an EU-funded industry collaboration successfully develops a completely new next generation downstream platform
  • New process intensification technologies enabling cost savings and increasing productivity such as:
    • Continuous multi-column chromatography to improve resin utilization and productivity over batch
    • Robust toolbox of polishing technologies enabling a fully flow through polishing platform
Date: Wed, May 31, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Duration: 15 minutes
Host(s): BioProcess International
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Merrilee Whitney
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Ms. Whitney is Head of Next Generation Monoclonal Processing. With MilliporeSigma for 10 years, she has managed a variety of product portfolios including clarification, sterile, virus and most recently single use and systems. Prior to joining MilliporeSigma, Merrilee spent five years in product management for membrane filtration companies serving the drinking water and waste water treatment industries, as well as five years with Xerox where she co-authored six patents and earned her Six Sigma Blackbelt. Degrees earned in Chemical Engineering and International Relations.