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Challenges in Operating an OpenStack Private Cloud

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Operating your own OpenStack powered private cloud requires a unique perspective.  To successfully operate an OpenStack powered private cloud, customers should be accustomed to using API's to operate their environment, have an understanding of OpenStack's unique networking environment and know how to properly monitor their OpenStack environment. 
Join three of Rackspace's OpenStack Engineers to learn more about the challenges of operating an OpenStack environment and how to follow best practices for an OpenStack private cloud.
Date: Wed, May 7, 2014
Time: 01:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Ellie Cooper
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Jake Briggs, OpenStack Engineer
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Jake is an OpenStack Engineer at Rackspace, where he's spent the last seven years of his career.  Prior to joining the Rackspace Private Cloud team, Jake worked in Rackspace's Managed Hosting business as a Linux Administrator.  Jake specializes in monitoring of Rackspace Private Cloud environments and has built tools to help customers monitor their environments better.  He thrives in the OpenStack world because of the vast amount of knowledge to master.

Wade Lewis, OpenStack Engineer
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Wade is an eleven year Racker and is passionate about high performance computing with open source software.  Wade currently works as an OpenStack Engineer, spending his time as a dedicated engineer for Fortune10 customers and their Rackspace Private Cloud environments.  Prior to joining the Rackspace Private Cloud team, Wade served in numerous roles within Rackspace's support organization, always focusing on Linux support. 

James Denton
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James is writing the book on networking in OpenStack… literally.  He is currently working with a publisher on the release of "Learning OpenStack Networking" to be released later this year.  James has worked at Rackspace for six years and has spent his tenure in the networking field.  James enjoys the challenge of networking and takes pride in solving customer issues and complex problems, and collaborating with the open source community.  You can find him on Twitter at @jimmdenton