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Turning Crises into Victories: Making Right Decisions under Tight Deadlines.

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Learn to Excel in a Time-Crunched, Budget-Constrained, Around-the-Clock World at a NEW SSI Webinar—Turning Crises into Victories: Making Right Decisions under Tight Deadlines.  Registration is FREE!
Today, business and media operate around the clock. Launch times and life cycles are compressed.  Market events are sudden. And competition is fierce.  You need to make decisions in hours rather than weeks—and react virtually immediately to client demands, breaking news and emerging opportunities.
In our 24/7 world, 9-to-5 research methods alone don’t cut it.  You need fast turnaround tools that let you conduct surveys day or night—and track results in real time.  And you need to squeeze those tools into budgets that are shrinking even faster than timelines.  But where do they fit in the research mix?  What decisions do they best support?  And how can they help you create dazzling pitches…optimize brand messaging…and make the right choices on everything from magazine covers to product packaging to PR strategies? 
Learn the answers at SSI’s NEW, FREE Webinar, Turning Crises into Victories: Making Right Decisions under Tight Deadlines, November 16 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET.  Using the QuickTake™ do-it-yourself research solution, Paul Abbate, Senior Vice President, Sales and Andrew Moffatt, Vice President, Strategic Alliances will present real-world examples of how you can quickly and accurately: 
  • Assess your brand, your message, your graphics or your product concept.
  • Gain compelling insights to support a winning business pitch.
  • Respond to everything from political fall-out to competitive announcements.
  • Discover key information to strengthen dissertations or academic papers.
Turning Crises into Victories is a “can’t miss” session for everyone coping with big decisions and plans on small budgets and timelines.  Click below to register FREE now.
Date: Wed, Nov 16, 2011
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Market Research Bulletin
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Paul Abbate, Senior Vice President of North American Sales
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Paul Abbate is Senior Vice President of North American Sales for SSI.  Paul has 22 years of sales, marketing and research experience.  He spent 12 years in domestic and global assignments at the Pepsi-Cola Company in New York and the Coca Cola Company in Atlanta.  During these years, he held roles in finance, product development, sales, marketing and consumer insights, working on a variety of brand, package, and channel programs.  In the late '90s he transitioned into a series of sales, client development and product development roles at NFO, TNS, GfK NOP’s Roper Reports Division, and most recently, at Ipsos NA.  Paul has a Bachelor of Sciences degree (’88) from Babson College, in Wellesley Massachusetts.

Andrew Moffatt, Vice President, Strategic Alliances
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Andrew Moffatt is Vice President, Strategic Alliances for SSI.  Andrew is responsible for managing the company’s key partnerships, as well as for developing new products.  He first joined SSI in 1999 as an Account Executive, moving up the ranks to Sales Director, Europe in 2006; Global Account Director in 2007; and his current position in 2010.  Andrew earned a BA with Honors in International Marketing and Languages from Dublin City University in Ireland.  He also completed a one-year program in International Marketing through the Unversitat Dortmund in Germany.