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Igloo + Starmind: Use AI to become a knowledge-driven organization

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Igloo brings employee communities together with a Digital Workplace Solution that enables employees to do their jobs more efficiently. One of the ways Igloo does this is by documenting the shared knowledge of an organization for easy and immediate access. But not all knowledge is proactively captured. Nor contextualized.

Igloo has partnered with Starmind to add intelligence to the digital workplace. Starmind’s Brain Technology provides the ability to find the best possible answer or expert by simply asking a question. Combining Igloo with Starmind's intelligence layer enables an organization to leverage the knowhow of all employees in real time, accelerate decision making, support innovation and increase revenue.

Join us online to learn how Igloo + Starmind can:

  • Leverage internal expertise. Make it easier to find the right information at the right time.
  • Increase performance. Harness collective organizational intelligence for faster decision making and improved productivity.
  • Make employees more knowledgeable. Combine brain technology and digital workplaces to make employees smarter and more efficient. 
This online session will be 30 mintues in length.



Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Igloo Software
 Presenter Information
Laura Brick
With almost 15 years in high-tech marketing, Laura is a seasoned communications expert and a technology junkie. Currently she is focused on identifying, implementing and communicating technology partnerships that improve the digtial workplace experience for Igloo customers. 

Ralf Kubli
Ralf Kubli is leading Starmind's business development and operations in North America. Since the early days of the web, Ralf has been involved in technology enablement, process improvement and collaboration. Today, he and his colleagues are working with companies of all sizes to leverage the talent and knowhow of their employees with Artificial Intelligence.