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Bacon Content - The Secret Ingredient to Customer Experience

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Meeting Description:

Whether you enjoy it or not, bacon is a metaphor for irresistible – as the advertising world reminds us that “everything tastes better with bacon.” 

As content marketers, irresistible is what we want our content to be. And not just the bad for you, unhealthy, time wasting content, but the good stuff that sustains the visitor and gives them what they want at the moment they want it.

During this free webinar, Tahzoo’s Ian Truscott and Misia Tramp will explore how to put that all together - from customer insight through content execution to an irresistible customer experience. 


  • Learn the value of developing an insights-driven marketing strategy.
  • Evaluate how a personalized and relevant content strategy can elevate your brand.
  • Take back tips and tricks to create irresistible, bacon-like, experiences for your customers.



Ian Truscott, SVP Content Strategy, Tahzoo
Misia Tramp, EVP Insights & Innovation, Tahzoo

Anthony Salas, American Marketing Association

Category: Strategy

Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): American Marketing Association
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Ian Truscott, SVP Content Strategy, Tahzoo
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Ian has spent the last fifteen years working with or developing web content management, personalization and marketing technologies serving as a developer, practitioner, marketer and as a member of the leadership team for various recognized vendors. This has included a stint working with Gilbane group as an industry analyst and headed up Product Marketing at SDL. As Senior Vice President for Tahzoo’s Content Strategy Practice, Ian brings this diversity of experience to each client engagement, helping companies build content marketing strategies that deliver relevant and compelling customer experiences. Ian has also served on the board of directors of the Content Management Professionals Association. When given the chance he likes to write things down and sometimes these ideas get published. Check him out on ReadWriteWeb, CMSWire, Engaging Times or wherever people want to read about digital marketing and content strategy.

Misia Tramp, EVP Insights & Innovation, Tahzoo
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Misia has an unmatched track record in using qualitative and quantitative research tools to deliver customer insight. A pioneer in her field, she has been the lead inventor on 12 patents; primarily focused on structuring social data to predict consumer behavior. While at SDL, she created the Customer Commitment Framework and in 1998 Misia helped found Intrepid Consultants, which quickly became a leading insight and innovation agency with clients such as GE, Microsoft and Citi Group until it was acquired by Alterian. As the Executive Vice President for Tahzoo’s Insights & Innovation Practice, Misia helps customers develop the insight they need to deliver incredible customer experiences.