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Safe Ground-level Loading and Unloading MEWPs

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Transporting mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) is always a big challenge in the equipment rental industry. The loading and unloading of MEWPs is potentially a high-risk activity due to the low chassis design of MEWPs. According to IPAF accident reporting database, nearly a third of the accidents recorded by the rental companies occur during the delivery and collection process. Ground-level loading/unloading MEWPs features can effectively reduce the potential risk and provide a safety working environment.

During this session, an experienced rental equipment transportation specialist will:

  • Describe loading/unloading methods now are employed in the industry for MEWPs.
  • Discuss the commonly occurring loading/unloading risk factors.
  • Explain what are the advantage of ground-level loading/unloading compare to the traditional methods.
  • Describe what additional safety features that are offered in the current market to promote the operator’s safety.
  • Present data showing how ground-level loading/unloading system could reduce operational and medical cost while improving employee and supervisor satisfactions.


Participants will...

  • Refresh your knowledge of current loading/unloading methods for MEWPs.
  • Review the risk factors occurring during delivery and collection process of MEWPs.
  • Improve your knowledge of ground-level loading/unloading system and its safety features that are currently adopted in the industry.
  • Learn how cost effectively the ground-level loading/unloading system for MEWPs could offer to the rental industry.
Date: Tue, Feb 6, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): IPAF North America
 Presenter Information
Tyler Moss, M.B.A.
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Tyler Moss, M.B.A., is the Vice President, Sales Eastern Canada of Drive Products Inc., a national based truck equipment provider company with its head office based in Mississauga, Ontario. Mr. Moss has been working closely with various national based rental companies including Battlefield, CRS, Coopers, Stephenson’s etc. to provide safe and cost effectively solutions to transport MEWPs.

Kargo King Roll off system is specially designed, developed and tested for the rental industry for the safe and efficient loading/unloading of a wide range of equipment. It has served and proven itself to be a safe and efficient “Work Horse” in the rental industry since 2001.

Under Mr. Moss and his team’s effect, the ground-level loading Kargo King system has served the rental industry’s daily delivery and collection operations with a safer and more productive working environment even in the toughest winter in the North America and Europe. To learn more, please visit