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Bookshare and Capti Voice for Post-secondary

Meeting Description:

In this webinar you will learn about using Bookshare with Capti Voice universally accessible

reading tool - EdTech Digest's pick for "the Best Special Needs Solution of 2017".


You will learn how Bookshare can help:

  • Reduce costs associated with special education accommodations
  • Provide access to over 500,000 textbooks, novels and free reading materials for FREE


You will also learn how Capti Voice can help:

  • Students access Bookshare and other content
  • Improve productivity of the disability support staff
  • Comply with Sec. 508 and copyright protection laws

Ed Tech Digest named Capti Voice the “Best Special Needs Solution of 2017”, because Capti is the easiest way to access and read the Bookshare library as well as other content. Capti helps easily distribute Bookshare books and assignments directly to your student’s devices with built in test-taking accommodations. Capti helps adjust the look and feel of Bookshare books to best fit a wide variety of student needs. It includes many innovative supports, such as context-sensitive translation and vocabulary building tools. It uses the best quality text to speech and OCR that helps digitize printed content on the go. Finally, Capti is universally accessible, so it helps students with and without disabilities, removes stigma and improves student outcomes.


A special offer for attendees will be revealed at the webinar.

Date: Wed, Aug 9, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM PDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Global Literacy