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Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

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This webinar will examine the opportunities presented by New MR (e.g. social media listening, mobile, text analytics, MROCs, Crowdsourcing, Neuromarketing, etc.) and offer recommendations/best practices on how to bring them into your research arsenal.

Over the next ten years, the MR industry will see its relationship with consumers evolve from respondents to participants.  And we will best achieve this new collaborative relationship by weaving our research tools with the interactions provided us via social networking.

Attendees will learn about:

1.       Social Media Listening – How to integrate conversations about your brand into your traditional MR to validate findings and generate new hypotheses. 

2.       Gamification - Survey designers will need to become survey engagers in that it will be as important to create an appealing fun environment as it will be to craft questions.

3.       Crowd Sourcing of New Products/Services – Passionate customers don’t want to just sit on the sidelines, they want to participate in the creation process.   

4.       Neuromarketing – Learn what consumers really think about your new product/ad with a roadmap of firing neurons that words just can’t equal!

5.       MROCs – No longer just one sided conversations.  MROCs will evolve so that members largely determine the content, allowing clients to tap into the wisdom of their passionate customers. 

6.       Mobile – Finally, we can capture customers in the moment of their purchase decision.

7.       The Impending Facebook and Google Invasion - Utilizing their massive proprietary database, these goliaths are well positioned to dominate our industry unlike anything we’ve seen before.

We’re moving to an agile, proactive, interactive future.  It won’t resemble the industry we grew up with.  Forces are conspiring to accelerate the rate of change.   This webinar will help you to become a change agent within your organization!

Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2012
Time: 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): IIR USA - Events
 Presenter Information
Kevin P. Lonnie
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Kevin Lonnie is CEO and Founder of KL Communications, Inc.  KLC creates proprietary online communities through our IC2TM (“Insights Communities 2”) approachIC2 applies a collaborative, iterative strategy to acquire and synthesize insights by combining several qualitative and quantitative streams of data. 

Kevin has also helped to pioneer the application of Crowdsourcing in the research industry.  KLC’s CrowdWeaving™ module allows enthusiastic brand advocates to become part of the ideation team.

Mr. Lonnie is a self-proclaimed research/tech geek and Executive Board member of the MRA (Marketing Research Association) 

Sean M. Holbert
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Sean is currently based in San Diego, CA, where he manages a full-service office for KL Communications. Sean has spent over a decade in the marketing research industry, working closely with a range of Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, Sean has focused on the growth of online communities, panels and social media, and how these tools are reshaping the marketing research industry. He has been a featured presenter at IIR, AMA, QRCA and MRA national conferences as well as other industry events.

Presented by KL Communications
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