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IoT Analytics in Practice

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming one of the most-hyped terms in the big data industry. But, as the concept of the IoT becomes more familiar, and organizations realize these new data streams that need to be captured, how they can derive value from them is a question that needs to be answered. And analytics is the key to making investments in IoT technology worthwhile.
In this webinar, Bill Franks  will discuss how organizations can help evolve from disconnected, inefficient IoT operations, where they lack visibility into the full picture, to having an integrated data stage, where they have full visibility into what I like to call their “Analytics of Things” (AoT) system. You can evolve your organization further, into a digital business where new business models and revenue streams can be created and sustained.  The possibilities are endless.
Join us on Tuesday, June 7th,  as we help you understand:
  • What you need to do to realize that value of IoT data
  • How to construct an Analytics of Things business case
  • A real world example – Volvo is using an intelligent centralized analytics program to make their cars safer
Date: Tue, Jun 7, 2016
Time: 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): The International Institute for Analytics
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Bill Franks
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Bill Franks is an IIA Faculty Member and the Chief Analytics Officer for Teradata, where he provides insight on trends in the analytics and big data space and helps clients understand how Teradata and its analytic partners can support their efforts. His focus is to translate complex analytics into terms that business users can understand and work with organizations to implement their analytics effectively. His work has spanned many industries for companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small non-profits. Franks also helps determine Teradata’s strategies in the areas of analytics and big data.