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Eating Healthy for the Holidays

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It can be a challenge to maintain healthy eating during the holidays.
Question: What could influence you to eat unhealthily this holiday season?
  1. Too busy, not enough kitchen time to prepare.
  2. Caught in situations where you might offend others if you don’t eat their foods.
  3. I tell myself, “Surely a little bit won’t hurt me!”
  4. I tell myself, “It’s the holidays, I only do this until Christmas!”
  5. I tell myself, “I’ll get back into healthy eating in January.”
  6. Overeating in general. It all taste so good!
  7. Pizza, fudge (or your favorite SAD comfort food)
  8. Other?
  9. NOTHING tempts me. I don’t eat JUNK! But I do like good tips to stay motivated.
Won’t you join our webinar to discuss tips on how to breeze through the holidays without succumbing to harmful cuisine. 
Perhaps you have particular foods, recipes, thought patterns or clever ideas that keep you steadily on your healthy lifestyle during the holidays. If so, we would love to hear what works for you! 
Melody Hord, education specialist with Hallelujah Diet, will share some of the basic mainstays that keep her on track to healthy eating. She will also share a couple of habits that tremendously help prevent her from from over-eating, when it all taste so good! 
Come one, come all as we plan together for a season of joy, generosity and abundant health.
Date: Tue, Nov 13, 2018
Time: 08:00 PM EST
Duration: 45 minutes
Host(s): Hallelujah Diet
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Melody Hord
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Melody has a BA in Studio Art from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has been a sales leader for a Fortune 100 company and a district sales manager for a multi-billion dollar company. She now uses her experience and energy in the education and customer service arena at Hallelujah Diet. 
Always intrigued with health and fitness, Melody completed Health Minister Training in 2007. Her absolute favorite part of the Hallelujah Diet experience is the food. She has brought her passion into the kitchen to create countless recipes. Her personal philosophy to maintain the best diet possible is to keep it exciting, keep learning, set goals, and if something isn’t working, change it up and try something new.