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Promoting Oral Health Through Policy and Partnerships

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NACCHO and CityMatCH co-produce "Emerging Issues in MCH" (E-MCH) webinars, presenting current research, policy and practice strategies on critical issues in US public health

The facilitator for this webcast is Jayanth Kumar, DDS, MPH, Acting Director of New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Dental Health.

Oral Health plays a significant role in a woman's quality of life, her general well-being, and her reproductive health.  A child's oral health can also be influenced by how healthy and strong his/her mother's teeth are.  However, many barriers can prevent a woman from paying attention to or caring for her own and/or her child's oral health.  For some women, it may be a lack of access issue; for others, lack of knowledge surrounding the safety of oral health care during pregnancy can prevent women from seeking, or dentists from providing, care.  The mouth may be one part of the human body, but a better understanding how disease, behaviors, and societal forces interact with it reinforces the importance of protecting and advocating for the oral health of children and women.

The goal of this webcast is to convey the importance of perinatal oral health through policy and practice, and present novel partnerships among oral health programs.  

Following Ms. Buerlein, Ms Sutherland, and Dr. Mouden’s presentations, participants of this webcast will be able to:

1. Describe the significance of perinatal oral health and consider policy opportunities for promoting oral health practice among this population.

2. Identify processes, results, and applications of a local level collaboration to eliminate early childhood carries by integrating preventative oral health services into WIC services.

3. Provide one example of how oral health can serve as a vehicle for identifying and responding to other public health problems, such as family violence, at the local, national and international level.

Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2010
Time: 03:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): NACCHO/CityMatCH


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 Presenter Information
Jessie Buerlein, MSW
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Jessie Buerlein is a Project Director for the Children’s Dental Health Project's (CDHP) focused on improving perinatal and infant oral health. Prior to joining CDHP, Ms. Buerlein worked to develop and coordinate community development programming for families and children as an employee of the YMCA of Greater Richmond. Ms. Buerlein earned her Masters in Social Work from Boston College in 2006, with a concentration in Community Organizing, Planning, Policy, and Administration.

Marilynn Sutherland, MSSW

Marilynn Sutherland, MSSW, the director of The Klamath County Health Department has decades of experience directing the activities of local public health agencies as well as supervising and mentoring public health staff.  Ms Sutherland works with the University of Washington to replicate the Early Childhood Caries Prevention Program (ECCP) and was a contributing author to “Providing a Dental Home for Pregnant Women: A Community Program to Address Dental Care Access”.  Ms Sutherland earned a Masters in Social Work, with an emphasis on community mobilization and administration and has been for nine years.

Lynn Mouden, DDS, MPH
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Dr. Mouden is the Dirctor of the Office of Oral Health at the Arkansas Department of Health.  He is also an internationally recognized author and lecturer on  the clinical and legal aspects of family violence prevention and oral health advocacy.  As the founder of Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness Dr. Mouden earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas; his DDS, with distinction, from the University of Missouri at Kansas City; his Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina; and completed the US Department of Health and Human Services Primary Care Policy Fellowship in 1998.   He most recently received the Outstanding Service Award from ASTDD. (P.A.N.D.A.) and P.A.N.D.A. educational programs, Dr. Mouden has made great efforts in family violence prevention and oral health advocacy.