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AMA Innovations in Medical Education Webinar: Health Systems Science: The Third Pillar of Medical Education

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Hundreds of your peers from around the world attended each of the last three webinars hosted by the American Medical Association’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium. Don’t miss the next opportunity to learn and interact with your peers in our next webinar, “Health Systems Science: The Third Pillar of Medical Education.” During this webinar, you’ll learn how health systems science enhances the basic and clinical sciences—the other two pillars of medical education—and can lead to improved patient care.


  • Discuss the emergence of health systems science as the third pillar of medical education
  • Learn about the integration of medical education and health care systems through health systems science curricula
  • Discuss the systems navigation curriculum as an authentic example of health systems science curriculum
  • Discuss how to integrate students in the community to be trained in identifying social and economic factors which affect health and wellness





Richard E. Hawkins, MD, FACP


Vice President of Medical Education Outcomes


American Medical Association






Stephanie R. Starr, MD


Director, Science of Healthcare Delivery Education


Mayo Clinic School of Medicine




Jed D. Gonzalo, MD


Associate Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences


Associate Dean of Health Systems Education


Penn State University College of Medicine




Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD


Professor, Chair of ATSU-SOMA Department of Public Health


Director of Public Health & Practice-Based Research


A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona



Date: Mon, Oct 23, 2017
Time: 03:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Richard E. Hawkins, MD, FACP