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Term, termination, and nonrenewal of agreements

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Term, termination, and nonrenewal of agreements


All managed care contracts have provisions addressing the agreement’s term, termination, and renewal. Although the term typically ranges from one to three years, the agreement’s termination and renewal provisions may significantly reduce or expand the time period during which the agreement is in force. Termination provisions may allow the managed care organization to cancel the agreement on very short notice, forcing physicians to scramble to find alternative sources of practice revenue. Termination language may significantly complicate a physician’s ability to get out of a contract when the business relationship becomes detrimental. This webinar helps your practice identify problematic term, termination, and renewal language, and provides alternative language that might be more protective of physician interests. The webinar also describes some of the pre-termination due process rights that you may want to consider including as part of your managed care contract, and also includes a discussion of the due process rights that may well be available to you under state law.
Date: Tue, Mar 12, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): AMA Practice Management Center
 Presenter Information
Wes Cleveland, JD

Wes Cleveland is an attorney in the AMA’s Private Sector Advocacy unit. Prior to joining the AMA, Mr. Cleveland served as assistant attorney general in the Office of the Texas Attorney General, an attorney in the Texas Medical Association’s Office of General Counsel, and in private practice in Austin, Texas, where he represented physicians, hospitals, and individual and institutional health care providers.

Mr. Cleveland advocates for physicians on a wide variety of issues related to federal fraud and abuse, antitrust, the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act, and state and federal managed care requirements.