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State of the Hack - The APT: Stop the hype, save a kitten

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In this State of the Hack presentation, MANDIANT’s Dave Merkel and independent IT analyst firm The 451 Group’s Security Research Director Josh Corman will address the loaded term that has become the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

It’s not so much about what we name the type of threat currently known as the APT, but about how we can explain what it truly is in a responsible manner. Over the last year, many marketing and sales folks have tried to own the threat, promising non-existent silver bullets.

Join us for a healthy conversation about what constitutes an APT, how the overuse (and misuse) of the term has caused its own set of problems, the difference between an advanced threat and an internet smash and grab, and much more!

We plan to leave plenty of time for Q&A, so please come to the webinar with all your questions. And, as always, registrants can ask questions prior to the webinar using the registration form below.

Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Helena Brito
 Presenter Information
Dave Merkel - MANDIANT

Dave Merkel is Vice President of Products and Managed Services at MANDIANT. He has worked in the information security and incident response industry for over ten years. His background includes service as a federal agent in the United States Air Force and over seven years experience directing security operations at America Online (AOL).

During his tenure at AOL, Dave led a team of technologists in protecting corporate systems and network infrastructure. Prior to Dave’s experience at AOL, he was a Special Agent with the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, focusing on computer crime and digital forensics. Mr. Merkel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has held security clearances at Top Secret and higher levels.

Josh Corman - The 451 Group

Joshua Corman is the Research Director of the 451 Group's enterprise security practice. Corman has more than a decade of experience with security and networking software, most recently serving as Principal Security Strategist for IBM Internet Security Systems. Corman’s research cuts across sectors to the core challenges of the industry, and drives evolutionary strategies toward emerging technologies and shifting economics.

Corman is a candid and highly coveted speaker and has spoken at leading industry events such as RSA, Interop, ISACA, and SANS. His efforts to educate and challenge the industry recently lead NetworkWorld magazine to recognize him as a top Influencer of IT for 2009. Corman also serves on the Faculty for IANS and is a staunch advocate for CISOs everywhere. In 2010, Corman also co-founded Rugged – a value based initiative to raise awareness and usher in an era of secure digital infrastructure.