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Airbnb Webinar Series: 5 Steps to Becoming a Superhost!

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Are you a Superhost yet? If not, learn the top 6 factors that Airbnb is looking at to determine Superhost status. Did you become a Superhost and do not know how? Learn how to earn and keep your status as Superhost and all the perks that follow!
Date: Tue, Sep 10, 2019
Time: 03:00 PM CDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Host(s): Lynn Wilson and Camille Koster
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Camille Koster
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 Camille and her husband Kris began hosting in August of 2016 as a side hustle and a way to connect with those visiting their community. What began as a small endeavor grew into a successful business that paid their mortgage and increased their influence globally. Since 2016 the Koster’s have hosted guests from all over the United States and from Africa, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain.

Kris and Camille have been Superhost since 2016 and have hosted at a 5-star rating. As a successful Superhost, Camille works with those new to hosting both locally and nationally to increase their competitive edge and learn tips and tricks that experts host know.