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Webinar: A Lot Can Happen in Six Seconds: Keys to Unlocking Your Brand's Potential

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More and more brands are turning to six-second ads as an affordable and effective way to speak to consumers. In a mere six seconds, brands can make deposits into consumers’ long-term memories, engage with consumers on an emotional level, and reinforce branding in a visually distinct manner.
Join Ashley to hear more and learn how context and congruence play an integral role in the success of these shorter-form ads, and how placement as a pre-roll versus a mid-roll can make or break their impact on an audience.
Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2019
Time: 01:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Ameritest
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Ashley Shelley, Research Director
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Ashley has spent more than a decade finding stories in data.
An M.A. in International and Intercultural Communication helps in her quest to understand the world from the consumer’s point of view and see advertising through their eyes. She loves personality tests and palindromes and thrives on building both professional and personal relationships.