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TechSoup for Public Libraries: Donated Software and More!

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If you're a public library you most likely qualify for donated and deeply discounted software like Microsoft Office Pro 2007 and Vista through TechSoup Stock. Not only can you get donated software, you can get articles, a community forum, free webinars, and more! Attend this free webinar to learn more about how your library can benefit from everything that TechSoup has to offer.

Brenda Hough will interview Becky Heil from Dubuque County Library in Farley, Iowa and Brett Fisher from Flathead Country Library in Kalispell, Montana to learn how they use TechSoup and what advice they'd give to people new to TechSoup.

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Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM PST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Brenda Hough
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Brenda Hough
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Brenda Hough is the Library Training Specialist for MaintainIT, a TechSoup Project. She is also a doctoral student studying Wikipedia. Her previous work experiences include Technology Consultant for the Northeast Kansas Library System, Trainer and Staff Development Coordinator for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's US Library Program, and Reference Librarian at the Lake Agassiz Regional Library in Minnesota. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, kayaking, and biking.

Becky Heil
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Becky graduated with a degree in Speech and Theatre and thought “now what?!?”  A librarian at the city library where she worked as a student assistant suggested library school and another year of school sounded much better than a job search.  She received her Master’s degree in Library Science at The University of Iowa. 
Becky worked as a children’s librarian at The Dubuque County Library for several years, when she was asked to apply for the director’s job.  She discovered she enjoyed being a director and has been there for 20 years.

Brett Fisher
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Brett Fisher is the system admin, webmaster and computer class instructor for the five branches of the Flathead County Library System, in Kalispell, Montana.  He is currently in his last quarter as an online MLIS student through the University of Washington.  He enjoys all the recreation that Montana has to offer, especially backpacking in Glacier National Park.