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Going beyond traditional carrier offerings--Reinventing the WAN

Meeting Description:

The rapid growth of cloud services, mobile applications, including customer Wi-Fi, BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives, and video usage are overwhelming current networks. This is especially true for distributed enterprises (businesses with many branch locations), such as retail, restaurant, retail petroleum, and banking that have to deal with limited on-site IT resources and strict cost mandates. 

To address these challenges, IT and business-line managers are looking for new cost-effective networking solutions that provide robust security and great application performance.

Join Forrester, Fortinet, and your host, Hughes for an informative webinar—"Going beyond traditional carrier offerings—Reinventing the WAN."

What you will learn:

Learn about cost-effetive next generation networking solutions that deliver strong security, performance optimization and high capacity to all your branch locations.

§  A better understanding of the performance and security challenges facing distributed enterprises

§  Why current WAN solutions aren’t up to supporting the business challenges of today’s distributed enterprises

§  New approaches to performance optimization and security as it relates to distributed enterprises, including Hughes’ new Branch Gateway, jointly developed with Fortinet 

Date: Thu, Jul 25, 2013
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Douglas Medina
 Presenter Information
John Kindervag
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Forrester Principal Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals will talk about the growing network security, compliance, and performance challenges facing distributed enterprises. John defined the term; the "Zero-Trust Architecture".

Koroush Saraf
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Fortinet Senior Director of Product Management will review the advanced security solutions available to distributed enterprises. Korush is in charge of delivering Fortinet’s next generation wireless products for carrier, enterprise and small business leveraging Fortinet’s world class security engine.

Doug Dillon
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Hughes Vice President of Engineering will review the pluses and minuses of current industry WAN and performance optimization solutions and the new technological advances that Hughes is employing to dramatically enhance WAN performance and Quality of Service (QoS). Doug is in charge of developing Hughes’ acceleration technologies and holds a number of patents around WAN optimization