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Big Data Open Source Tools and Trends: Enable Real-Time Business Intelligence from Machine Logs

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Most organizations still rely on batch and offline processing of data streams to gain meaningful analysis and insight into their business. However, in our instant gratification world, real-time computation and analysis of streaming data is crucial in gaining insight into patterns and threats. A trend is emerging for real-time and instant analysis from live data streams, promoting the value of logs and a move toward functional programming.
This shift in technology is not about what and how to store the data, but what we can do with it to see emerging patterns and trends across multiple resources, applications, services and environments. Log data represents a wealth of information, yet is often sporadic, unstructured, scattered across the enterprise and difficult to track.
This webinar provides insights into some of the most helpful Big Data tools used by the largest social media and data-centric organizations for competitive trends, instant analysis and feedback from large volume data streams. During the webinar, a demo will show how using Big Data tools Storm, ElasticSearch and an elastic UI can turn application logs into real-time analytical views. 
You will also learn how Big Data:
  • Contains data that is elastic, minimally structured, flexible and scalable
  • Helps process live streams into meaningful data
  • Promotes a move toward functional programming
  • Effects the enterprise data architecture
  • Works with real-time CEP tools like Storm for functional programming
Date: Tue, Apr 1, 2014
Time: 01:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Perficient
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Eric Roch, Principal and Practice Director for Cloud and SOA, Perficient
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Eric Roch leads Perficient's national connected solutions practice which includes focus on SOA/integration, cloud, mobile and Big Data. He is an author and industry speaker with over 25 years of experience in various aspects of information technology including executive-level management, enterprise architecture and application development.

Ben Hahn, Sr. Technical Architect, Perficient
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Ben Hahn is a Sr. Technical Architect at Perficient with 20+ years of experience in various aspects of Information Technology including Software Solutions Architect, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, Product Management and a Software community contributor.