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Machine Learning: The Differentiator Retailers Have Been Seeking

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Machine Learning can provide SMBs the edge they need to level the playing field.
For small and mid-size retailers and brands (SMBs), it's virtually impossible to compete with the dominant online platforms based on pricing. To maintain margins, SMBs are looking to differentiate in smarter ways — to carve out their own territory in areas rivals can't match. 
Most companies, large and small, already use advanced analytics to optimize processes and decision making, so that's just table stakes in this market. And yet recent advancements have made Machine Learning suites available to SMBs that can help them fortify their competitive strengths. 
We’ll cover ways the retailers can start applying Machine Learning based on their individual readiness, and how it can benefit many areas of their organizations through:
  • Personalized recommendations based on learned intelligence 
  • Customer service through chatbot technology
  • Customer "churn" predictions through Machine Learning
Join us for a "humanizing" look at Machine Learning, including an engaging panel discussion exploring how this emerging tech can offer your business greater competitive opportunities.
Date: Wed, Apr 18, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Al McClain
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Jared Brown
VP Data & Analytics, Tallan

BrainTrust Panelist
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Julie Bernard
Chief Marketing Officer, Verve

BrainTrust Panelist
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Phil Masiello
Founder and CEO, Hound Dog Digital Agency

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Matt Kruczek
VP Web, Mobile and AI, Tallan

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Al McClain
CEO, Co-founder, RetailWIre