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The Social Media Pocket Guide: 6 Ways Marketers Should Use Social Media with the Proven Tactics to Achieve Success

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Meeting Description:

In the age of social media, marketing possibilities are seemingly endless. But, all marketers should have at least one of the "Big Six" objectives at the core of their strategy. Equip yourself with the social media pocket guide - the proven tactics to achieve each objective - to navigate through the social media waters and start achieving success today

Attendees will walk away from this discussion with:

  • An understanding of the six most important objectives each marketer should consider when developing a social media marketing initiative
  • How social media ties into to existing organizational goals
  • Proven tactics to use with each social media objective that can each marketer can start implementing today

Jordan Viator, Director of Social Media, Spredfast
Jim Rudden, CMO, Spredfast
Alli Libb, Moderator, American Marketing Association

Date: Wed, Jun 1, 2011
Time: 12:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Alli Libb
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Sponsored by Spredfast
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Jordan Viator, Director of Social Media, Spredfast
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Jordan Viator is the Director of Social Media at Spredfast where she leads the company's social strategy, execution and interactive marketing, as well as consults with clients on using social media marketing to help achieve business goals.  Prior to Spredfast, Jordan was the Interactive Communications Manager at Convio where she lead online marketing and social media, and worked with clients on how to use social media effectively to drive action and awareness.

Jim Rudden, CMO, Spredfast
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Jim Rudden is the Chief Marketing Officer at Spredfast where he is responsible for all aspects of Spredfast’s marketing efforts, as well as overall customer success. Prior to Spredfast, Jim was VP of Global Marketing at Lombardi Software (acquired by IBM) where he was responsible for brand and product marketing and all demand generation.