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Fix It at the Library with DIY Repair Programs

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Making is all the rage. But what if you want to fix something that’s broken? Repair programs are an opportunity to teach patrons new skills while fixing technology, electronics, clothing, and other household items. These programs can be a great way to engage new community partners and volunteers and have proven successful in many libraries in the United States and Canada. Repair programs also help reduce waste by fixing items that would otherwise be thrown away.

Come to this free webinar to learn how repair programs are being offered in public libraries. These examples will focus on Repair Cafés, which are part of an international network of community driven free programs.
  • The Brampton Public Library has offered several Repair Cafés over the past year in partnership with a local college.
  • The Mountain View Repair Café is independently and volunteer run, and has partnered with the Sunnyvale Public Library to offer two programs at the library.
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Date: Wed, Nov 16, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM PST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Crystal Schimpf
 Presenter Information
Katrina Doktor
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Katrina works to develop adult and diversity programming at Brampton Library, particularly programs involving new technologies. She has been involved in MakerSpace Brampton since it first opened in September 2014.

Maia Albano Coladonato
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Maia is co-founder of the Repair Cafe Mountain View. Over the past 3 years she and her husband Greg have organized 16 Repair Cafe events in Mountain View and Sunnyvale and extended the life of hundreds of products, such as toasters, lamps, chairs, toys, clothes, computers and more.

Crystal Schimpf
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Crystal is a librarian and trainer with a passion for program design and digital literacy. She has worked on training projects with the Colorado State Library, Infopeople, the Urban Libraries Council, and the Public Library Association. In addition to her work at TechSoup, she is the founder of Kixal, where she creates transformative training experiences for libraries and nonprofits.