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Cloud Computing: Benefits and Barriers for Nonprofits and Libraries

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Patrick Callihan
Anna Jaeger

Kevin Lo 


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Meeting Description:

TechSoup Global recently released the findings from our 2012 Global NGO Cloud Survey, which collected more than 10,500 responses from nonprofits, libraries, and NGOs from 88 countries around the world.


This is the first technology survey of NGOs and libraries worldwide and provides a baseline for their readiness to take advantage of new cloud-based technologies.


Please join us for a webinar on October 11 featuring Patrick Callihan, executive director of NPower PA and npCloud, to talk about our survey findings. He'll discuss the primary motivations and barriers that nonprofits, libraries, and NGOs have for moving their IT to the cloud.


The survey's surprising results will enable the NGO sector to make more informed decisions about cloud computing adoption. It will also help capacity-building organizations, funders, corporate donors, and partners develop programs that maximize the potential of these technologies.

Please join us to find out how your nonprofit or library can take advantage of what is happening in the field of cloud computing.

Date: Thu, Oct 11, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM PDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Dawn Krause
 Presenter Information
Patrick Callihan
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Patrick Callihan was appointed executive director for NPower Pennsylvania, a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that all nonprofits use technology effectively to better serve their communities. His background includes over 25 years of operations management and technology leadership. During his tenure at NPower PA, Patrick has grown the organization by expanding services and adding programs that directly impact the community. 

Anna Jaeger
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Anna Jaeger was the founder and co-director of the GreenTech Initiative here at TechSoup Global. GreenTech’s mission is to help nonprofits and libraries reduce their environmental impact through the effective use of technology, including cloud services. She has been formally writing and speaking about using technology to lower environmental impact since 2007. Prior to her work on the GreenTech initiative, Ms. Jaeger lead TechSoup Global's IT Applications Department, which implemented and maintained all enterprise software and websites.