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Working with PH

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Does a PH diagnosis mean it’s time to throw in the time clock? Working patients will share their tactics for managing a job and their PH.

Learn about workplace rights
Read online advice from working PH patients
Read the Disability Law Handbook

Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010
Time: 07:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Meghan Finney
 Presenter Information
Sally Maddox
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As a long-term PH patient, Sally Maddox balances working as a math teacher at an alternative school with leading a PH support group and organizing the annual GA Fun Walk for a Cure. She is on PHA’s Board of Trustees and volunteers with her local Emergency Response Team and Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Joanne Sperando-Schmidt
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Joanne Sperando-Schmidt has been a PH patient since 1998 and is currently on subcutaneous Remodulin and several other meds. She began her career in New York City at Citicorp. She currently works for a small credit card servicing company near her home.

Leslie Polss
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Leslie Polss was diagnosed with PH in 2003. She works full-time as a technical writer in the software industry – a job she interviewed for while on oxygen. Leslie creates cartoons that help others to understand what it’s like to live with PH, speaks at PH events and helps lead a support group.