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Product Line Engineering Processes for the Enterprise


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Introducing the BigLever Feature-based PLE Process Framework using Method Park Stages  


BigLever Software and Method Park have joined forces to create the Feature-based Product Line Engineering Process Framework™, which was built using Method Park’s Stages Process Management System. This webinar will explore how organizations can use this new process framework to:


  • Speed PLE adoption through a proven, off-the-shelf template of best practices.
  • Tailor PLE processes for each group within the organization.
  • Improve cross-functional communication and alignment in PLE deployments.
  • Avoid the inefficiencies and pitfalls of ad hoc and one-off approaches.
  • Adhere to the Feature-based PLE ISO standards currently in development.


Feature-based Product Line Engineering (PLE) has emerged as a game-changing paradigm for enabling a fully unified variant and complexity management approach across the full lifecycle, from portfolio planning to engineering, product definition, manufacturing, sales, and service. As PLE evolves into an enterprise-wide solution, it’s increasingly important that organizations have a well-established framework – a Concept of Operations – that lays out the organizational structure, and puts that structure into motion by clearly defining PLE-related processes, roles, responsibilities, and work products.


Date: Wed, Aug 2, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Method Park
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BigLever & Method Park

Dr. Paul Clements,

BigLever Software

Dr. Erich Meier,

Method Park Software