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The Overcomers Juicing Webinar

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Have you ever noticed. . .when you are finally ready to do something. . ., a door swings open, an unexpected circumstance arises, or you get a lightning bolt of information that radically changes your perception?
Is anyone besides me finally ready to commit to juicing? I’d love to share with you why I am finally FULLY committed. In a nutshell: NOTHING WORKS LIKE FRESH JUICE! You want to know why I believe that? Because of those of you who have shared your JAW-DROPPING stories. Thank you so much. 
I want to invite everyone to come to my webinar on May 14 at 8pm. I want to challenge you all to start juicing, recommit to juicing, or support those who are on the fence. For anyone who is NOT faithfully juicing, would you PLEASE take a challenge to rethink that decision?
Several years ago, we had “Juicing - The Secret to Ultimate Health Webinar”, presented by Ann Malkmus. Watch it HERE for great information about juicing. 
We learned some of the reasons people don’t juice.
  1. Too much time
  2. Lack of money
  3. No Help
  4. No Juicer
At the risk of stepping on toes, I’d like to confront some of the drawbacks to juicing in the webinar. I believe they are overcomeable!
If you are ready to take your health by storm, one swig at a time, PLEASE come to this Webinar!
For all those with physical pinging and knocking:
Be an overcomer and Never Underestimate the Power of Juicing!
Date: Tue, May 14, 2019
Time: 08:00 PM EDT
Duration: 45 minutes
Host(s): Hallelujah Diet
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Melody Hord
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Melody has a BA in Studio Art from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has been a sales leader for a Fortune 100 company and a district sales manager for a multi-billion dollar company. She now uses her experience and energy in the education and customer service arena at Hallelujah Diet. 
Always intrigued with health and fitness, Melody completed Health Minister Training in 2007. Her absolute favorite part of the Hallelujah Diet experience is the food. She has brought her passion into the kitchen to create countless recipes. Her personal philosophy to maintain the best diet possible is to keep it exciting, keep learning, set goals, and if something isn’t working, change it up and try something new.