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The Advantage of Wireless Connectivity for Maximum ROI

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In today's customer experience and ever-changing technology world, the need for a centralized, connected, and manageable platform that is scalable, fully redundant, and secure, is more critical than ever.
In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of wireless connectivity and the "last 200 feet" of a digital experience, and how important it is to understand what needs to happen to ensure a secure and stable connection for an optimal experience.
Join as we talk about
  • The importance of a centralized connectivity through a single platform.
  • Enhancing ROI - Maximizing revenue while reducing costs.
  • Delivery a unique and enhanced customer experience.
If you own or operate digital media networks, this webinar will give you insight into the current and future landscape of digital network management, and the importance of thinking globally when building your network to scale to deliver the best results possible.
Date: Wed, Apr 2, 2014
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Paul Flanigan
 Presenter Information
Craig Martin
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Craig Martin is known and respected in the kiosk and digital merchandising community with more than 15 years of experience providing Fortune 500 brands and retailers innovative merchandising solutions. A founder and principal of Reality Interactive, Martin has worked with BMW, Callaway Golf, PepsiCo, Bose, Lego, Leapfrog and others. An experienced speaker, Martin has moderated and presented at CETW in 2011 and several Kioskcom shows over the past 10 years. He also presented at the Digital Dealer Conference and Exhibition in 2010.

Bryan Meszaros
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With a passion for experience design and an attraction towards visual media Bryan's interpretation of both has lead him to become an industry thought leader.
After leaving MarketSource in 2002 at the age of 23, Bryan went on to form the digital media consultancy OpenEye. From the start OpenEye experienced global success and was awarded one of the first ever DIGI Awards for their work with Regency Duty Free (The Nuance Group) in New Zealand. 
OpenEye's success continued having worked with such high-profile organizations the likes of FITCH, Apple, Santander US & UK, McDonald's New Zealand, and Vodafone.
With over 14 years of experience Bryan has been recognized as a global industry leader. Bryan presently serves on the Board of Directors for SEGD and is also part of the Advisory Board for DSE & CETW. As an active speaker and contributing author Bryan is regularly featured in various publications and often invited to speak at industry related conferences around the globe.