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Climbing Toward A Cure: Getting Involved During Awareness Month 2010

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PH Awareness Month this November is our chance to show the world what a community like ours can do when we’re committed to finding a cure.

This year’s Awareness Month theme, Climbing Toward A Cure, was inspired by Drs. Ray Benza and Bob Franz and Jessica Lazar, PA. Their Kilimanjaro climb and the 17 unity walks the climb inspired raised more than $130,000 for PH research and PHA programs. When you speak out during Awareness Month, you become part of the PH mountain climbing team.

Find out how you can get involved this November. Your efforts will lend a hand to other PH climbers across the country and around the world.

Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2010
Time: 02:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Katie Kroner
 Presenter Information
Jennifer Kaminski
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As PHA's Development Associate, Jennifer works to implement programs that foster support for PHA, its programs, services and research agenda.

Katie Kroner
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Katie is PHA’s Director of Advocacy and Awareness. She is the first point of contact for information about PH Awareness Month in November, the Congressional Luncheon and the PH Resource Network Lobby Day.

Jessica McKearin
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As PHA’s Special Events Manager, Jessica works closely with volunteers as well as friends and family of PH patients to plan fundraisers across the country.

Elisabeth Williams
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As Grassroots Campaigns Associate, Elisabeth works to build volunteer membership in the 435 Campaign (legislative advocacy) PHAware Campaign (media outreach) and support current Campaign members in their communications with their Members of Congress and the media.