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Exchange Your Buffer Exchange

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Buffer preparation and buffer exchange are tedious, manual processes that take a lot of time, particularly, hands-on time. This ultimately slows down your development timelines. 
In this webinar, you will learn how Unchained Labs breaks the manual buffer exchange bottleneck with Grunt, including: 
  • Formulation screening and development to scale-up
  • Buffer preparation, exchange and analysis in a single bench-top instrument
  • Impeccable mass recovery and time savings
  • Analytical data supports protein handling is equal to or better than dialysis and Amicon centrifugal devices
Grunt is an easy-to-use, bench-top instrument that automates the entire process from buffer preparation, buffer exchange to sample concentration. Powered with extremely user-friendly software, Grunt takes the onus off you and takes care of the whole process so you can expand your formulation screen and save valuable hands-on time.
Exchange your buffer exchange process and never waste time or resources on buffer exchange again.
Date: Wed, Jun 14, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): BioProcess International
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Quincy Mehta, Product Manager, Unchained Labs
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Quincy Mehta is a Product Manager at Unchained Labs. Currently in charge of the product, Grunt, which is the first ever automated buffer preparation and buffer exchange benchtop system.  His role involves working closely with customers and internal R&D teams to bring new automation and analytical laboratory tools to biopharma companies. His goal is to provide researchers with laboratory equipment that will deliver robust data to help create important formulations and expedite the drug formulation process.