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10 Big Changes Coming For Conferences and Events


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2012 is here. And things are changing rapidly in several critical areas of marketing. Preparation is key.

This dynamic, fast-paced webinar will provide an overview of how companies are beginning to make significant changes in how they use meetings, conferences, webcasts and other events to market their products or services.

The events landscape is rapidly shifting for everyone---internal marketing departments, external marketing agencies, corporations, associations, and the companies they work with to produce their meetings. What you'll learn may surprise you.

Prepare for this new year by hearing how events of all types--- live, virtual, hybrid and more---are being reshaped by economic, technological and social innovations, and the dramatic impact they could have on your company's marketing and sales strategy for 2012 and beyond.

See what's working, what isn't, and how it could affect you and your company.
Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2012
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Host(s): ReadyTalk & Steve Nesich
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Steve Nesich
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Steve is a principal at and a senior marketing professional with substantial experience in developing, promoting and managing strategic conferences and events for a wide range of companies since the late 1980’s.

He’s currently developing both traditional, Face-To-Face Conferences and Virtual Events---and is actively involved with the growing trend of Hybrid Meetings, which add a virtual component to a physical event. 

A huge optimist regarding the potential of the web to enhance communications and connections, Steve’s specialties within marketing include:
Conference Planning and Management; Virtual and Hybrid Meetings; Inbound Marketing; Webinars and Webcasts; Social Media; CRM related marketing; Users Groups and Customer Advisory Boards; National and International Conferences; Live and Virtual Event Strategy.