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ASBMR-CABS Webinar: COVID-19 and Managing Bone in Patients with All Stages of Cancer


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The clinical management of patients with cancer has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This Webinar, held jointly with the Cancer and Bone Society (CABS), outlines challenges and solutions for bone care in the setting of cancer and COVID-19. The session will include presentations covering management of bone in early and advanced cancer, as well as a question and answer period for webinar attendees.

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Date: Fri, Jul 17, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): ASBMR
 Presenter Information
Theresa Guise, M.D.
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Dr. Guise is a professor of medicine, endocrinology and oncology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Her clinical and research interest includes musculoskeletal complications of cancer and cancer therapy.  

Cyrille Confavreux, M.D., Ph.D.
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Dr. Confavreux, M.D., Ph.D., is a professor in the Rheumatology Department at the University of Lyon Medical School in Lyon and the Head of the Bone Metastases Expert Center of the Hospices Civils de Lyon, France. His research interests are bone endocrine physiology, physiology and treatment of bone metastases, and fracture risk modelisation of bone metastases.

Kathy Weilbaecher, M.D.
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Dr. Weilbaecher is the Oliver M. Langenberg Distinguished Professor of the Science and Practice of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine.  She is a practicing breast cancer medical oncologist and her research focuses on tumor reprogramming of the bone microenvironment. She has developed numerous clinical trials stemming from her laboratory.  Dr. Weilbaecher is the co-leader of the Breast Cancer Research Program at the Siteman Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

Masahiro Abe, M.D., Ph.D.
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Dr. Abe is a professor of Department of Hematology, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Tokushima University Graduate School, and Chief of Division of Hematology at Tokushima University Hospital. He is currently President of Japanese Society of Myeloma. He has been studying to dissect the molecular mechanisms for formation of bone disease in myeloma and drug resistance in myeloma cells and their progenitors, and trying to develop innovative therapeutic strategies against myeloma and its bone disease.

Peyman Hadji, M.D.
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Dr. Hadji is the head of the Frankfurt Center of Bone Health. His current research interest is on the management of women with breast cancer, with a special focus on cancer induced bone loss (CIBL), as well as studies on side-effect management in cancer therapies and outcome research.

Janet Brown, M.D.
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Dr. Brown is a professor of Translational Medical Oncology in the University of Sheffield, UK and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology at the Sheffield NHS Foundation Trust. Her main areas of clinical practice are breast, prostate and renal cancers, with special interests in their effects on the skeleton.

Cathy Van Poznak, M.D.
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Catherine Van Poznak, M. D. is a medical oncologist at the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Van Poznak’s clinical and translational research is in breast cancer and its relationship to bone. Her work includes optimizing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis in women with a history of breast cancer and in maintaining bone integrity in patients with advanced breast cancer involving the bone. Dr. Van Poznak is active in clinical trials. In clinic, she sees and treats patients with all stages of breast cancer.