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Recent California Reentry Legislative Victories: The Good, The Great, and the Complicated

Meeting Description:
Co-sponsors of reentry bills recently signed by Governor Brown, including AB 651 (Bradford - Set-asides and dismissals for people sentenced under Realignment) and AB 218 (Dickinson - Ban the Box), will discuss implementation and provide practice tips. This training will also address SB 530 (Wright - Criminal record reporting to employers and changes to Certificate of Rehabilitation law),  SB 513 (Hancock - Diversion Programs and Record Sealings), AB 625 (Quirk - Acceptance of Inmate ID Cards), and AB 720 (Skinner - Inmate Healthcare Enrollment). Panelists will also address recent court decisions, changes to the AOC's statewide reentry court forms, and other updates on reentry law.
This is a free legal training. CLE credit is available.

Presenters will include:
CT Turney, A New Way of Life (Co-Sponsor of AB 651)
Michelle Natividad Rodriguez, National Employment Law Project (Co-Sponsor of AB 218)
Meredith Desautels, The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights (Co-Sponsor of AB 651)
Eliza Hersh, East Bay Community Law Center (Co-Sponsor of AB 651)
Jesse Stout, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (Co-Sponsor of AB 218)
Tanya Koshy (Moderator), East Bay Community Law Center
Date: Thu, Dec 12, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM PST
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): Tanya Koshy (East Bay Community Law Center), ANWOL, EBCLC, LCCR, LSPC, NELP