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Innovation & Creation (Part III): Harnessing Innovative Energy

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Continue the journey with ?What If!, the world’s largest independent innovation consultancy, for fresh perspective and stimulus around how to build and sustain creativity and innovation.

Developing an innovation culture involves experimenting and trying things out. You could see it as the opposite of strategy; it’s more a life science with a hard commercial edge.

Most of our clients are very good at instigating innovation processes and methodologies. Nonetheless, we still hear them lament, “We’ve got all the innovation systems but we don’t have any innovation.”

Innovation Energy is the key that unlocks these systems. It’s the fuel that drives the engine, the software that powers the machine. It’s the confluence of three forces, when unleashed in the right way will drive enormous value into your business:
1. Right innovation attitude
2. Enabling creative behaviors
3. Supportive organization

From our own experience working with entrepreneurs and executives, they will come back to these three themes time and time again.

Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2009
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): ReadyTalk Web Seminar Series
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Lisa Buckley
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This hurricane of talent has a background in marketing & advertising with projects spanning a number of areas: from helping a global CPG company reinvent the baby food aisle at supermarkets to sniffing out commercial potential for NASA technologies. She has a bachelor of science degree in Psychology as well as her MBA.

Before joining ?What If!, Lisa was an Account Supervisor at Saatchi & Saatchi overseeing accounts for American Express and Hanes. She’s also spent some time working with Wal-Mart customer teams from P&G, Novartis, Smuckers, Crayola, and others.

Today, Lisa is overjoyed to have fused her fascination with human behavior, her artistic inclination and her branding experience into one, exhilarating package at ?What If!. She is a senior member of the Capabilities team, where her ingenuity is best put to use helping clients become even more brilliant than they ever thought possible.