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Increasing Customer Lifetime Value for Software Subscriptions & SaaS

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Increasing Customer Lifetime Value for Software Subscriptions & SaaS

An eCommerce & online payments perspective


Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) is a key goal for companies selling software subscriptions or SaaS. There are many strategies and tactics to create recurring revenues and increase customer retention. But how can your commerce platform help? This webinar explores how you can increase CLV by employing best practices in eCommerce and online payments.


We’ll look at every stage of the customer life cycle, from acquisition to activation, upgrades to renewals and show real examples of how software companies are maximizing their customer lifetime value. This webinar is packed with case studies to give you hands-on knowledge and actionable insights that you can implement today in your business. 

Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017
Time: 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Jennifer Carl
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Shannon MacLeod
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Shannon is a Conversion Optimization Strategist with Avangate, a modern digital commerce company. A digital marketer with 20 years of experience, she has grown revenues by boosting conversion rates by over 30% for several clients. Shannon has managed eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing and CRO programs for global software companies Absolute Software, ACD Systems, Nero and AVG Technologies. 

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