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Punishing Protest: Live Discussion of the U.S. Justice System, February 21

If you missed this event, you can hear the full audio here.

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Is the U.S. justice system about justice, or the law? Activists from the Occupy movement to climate justice camps are regularly made examples of by the courts for acts of civil disobedience, while bank and oil company executives avoid prosecution for real crimes. Join a free, live, roundtable discussion featuring Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild, on the punishing of protest, February 21st at 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific.

Also joining the discussion is Patrick Shea, who defended climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher for an act of disobedience in 2008, which resulted in a two-year jail term that Tim is now serving. "They’re trying to make an example out of me to scare other people into obedience," he says in the January/February issue of Orion ("What Love Looks Like"). During the event, Shea will share his experience defending Tim against a government prosecution that disallowed defenses and evidence that would have exonerated him in its drive to make a statement about peaceful dissent.

What would our society look like if justice meant far more than law? How can we get to a place where ethics matter, and what are some strategies for navigating the current system? Hear Bhogosian, Shea, and others discuss and expand on these thoughts during this live web event.

This unique opportunity will also allow you to ask your own questions of the panel and share your thoughts. It is free to join, will be moderated by Orion staff, and is open to all readers and friends.

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Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2012
Time: 07:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Erik Hoffner
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Heidi Boghosian
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Heidi Boghosian is the executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, which has been instrumental in defending Occupy activists. She co-hosts the weekly civil liberties radio program, “Law and Disorder,” on WBAI in NYC, and has published numerous articles and books on policing, protest, and the First Amendment, including The Policing of Political Speech and Punishing Protest. She received her JD from Temple Law School.

Patrick Shea
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Patrick Shea is a private practicing attorney and Associate Research Professor of Biology at the University of Utah. He recently wrote about his experience defending Tim DeChristopher for Orion's blog, here.