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Innovative programs for cognitive health, lifelong learning and dining

Meeting Description:
 Are you looking for ways to make a program grow? Follow the progress of three ICAA Innovator Award programs built on a unique angle as the developers moved from idea through implementation.

Visit the Center 4 Brain Health for a snapshot of the programming that includes classes, engagement and education for older adults who want maintain their brain health along with support for those concerned about memory and thinking skills. Then, stop by the Thrive Institute breakfast workshop to hear about presentations that provide attendees with holistic health modalities older populations are generally not exposed to. Next, learn how the Five Meal Plan completely redesigned the food service in nursing care to make person-centered care a reality. Follow along as the presenters describe the program or practice, funding sources, obstacles and outcomes that met the original goals, or grew beyond them.


Learning objectives:

  • Describe how the activity was developed and delivered
  • Detail the obstacles that were overcome to deliver the program or practice

  • Explain why the program or practice was successful
 Who will benefit:
  • Program and activities directors
  • Wellness directors

  • Dietitians and dining executives

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Date: Thu, Mar 16, 2017
Time: 01:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Pat Ryan
 Presenter Information
Krystal Culler
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Krystal Culler, MA, is the Nathan and Lenore Oscar Director of the Center 4 Brain Health at Menorah Park in Beachwood, Ohio, the first non-pharmacological, non-hospital brain health center located on a senior living campus in the United States. Culler is an Amen Clinics brain health certified gerontologist.

Cathy Sessions
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Cathy Sessions, LICSW, is the marketing director for Notre Dame du Lac Assisted Living Community on the Notre Dame Heath Care campus in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sessions has been instrumental in developing the Thrive Institute, which offers free health-oriented educational programs for older adults.

Laura Glass
Speaker Photo

Laura Glass, ADC/EDU, is a member of the team that created the Five Meal Plan at Quincy Village in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. As Director of Community Life & Volunteer Services, Glass leads the staff and the volunteers in engaging the residents in independent living, personal care and skilled nursing.

Bruce Groft
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Bruce E. Groft, CDM, CFPP, is Director of Dining Services at Quincy Village. Groft has been in Food Service for over 30 years and is a Certified ServSafe Instructor/Proctor. He was instrumental in reconstructing the dining experience to nourish residents and leads the education of the dining team.

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