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City Mouse, City Flower: The Wide World of Urban Nature

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Art is celebrated for reviving the human spirit, but there is a legion of artists whose work also restores the landscape. - See more at:
When you hear the term "urban ecology," do you immediately think of rats and pigeons? How much more life is evident in our cities? And how much has our thinking about urban nature evolved in recent years?
Often, we think of nature as something that must be sought out in wild places far from the city, but life abounds even in the cracks of the sidewalk—if you know how and when to look.
Join us for a free live discussion featuring urban ecologists from all over North America, including Beatrix Beisner, co-editor of the new urban ecology guidebook Nature All Around Us, Liam Heneghan of DePaul/Chicago Wilderness Science Team, and Kevin Anderson, proprietor of the blog Marginal Nature. The event will take place on May 16, at 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific.
As Anderson writes on his blog, abundant life can be found in so-called urban wastelands, such as creeks, wastewater-treatment ponds, vacant lots, road and rail waysides, brownfields, fencerows, dumps, and alleyways. In fact, some of the best places to go birdwatching are in the sewage treatment lagoons of major cities. Not only do creatures like mice survive in cities; they are thriving and evolving for life there, as a new study recently showed.
Join this discussion to broaden your definition of nature, and to ask questions of our expert panel.
This phone/web event is open to all, and the call is toll-free. Pre-registration is required, so please fill in the blanks below. 
Date: Thu, May 16, 2013
Time: 04:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Erik Hoffner
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Beatrix Beisner
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A professor of biology at the University of Quebec at Montreal, Beisner is a co-editor with two colleagues of Nature All Around Us: A Guide to Urban Ecology.

Kevin Anderson
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Anderson is a geographer, philosopher, and coordinator of the Center for Environmental Research for the City of Austin, TX. His urban ecology blog gets its name from his dissertation: "Marginal Nature: Urban Wastelands and the Geography of Nature."

Liam Heneghan
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A professor of environmental science at DePaul University, Liam Heneghan is also co-chair of the Chicago Wilderness Science Team. He has a monthly column at 3quarksdaily and writes for Aeon, here.