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Getting Engaged with Your Research Respondents: How to Take Your Targets from First Date to Long-Term Relationship

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You Are Invited to Get Engaged with Your Respondents—and Win Their Long-Term Commitment

The proliferation of new media has opened up exciting new ways to reach your target audiences.  It also, however, has resulted in fierce competition for people’s time and attention.  People still like to share their opinions.  But with so many options vying for their focus, how do you attract them, motivate them and persuade them to take part in your research?

To find the answer, SSI conducted focus groups…surveyed respondents…and analyzed the latest research from thought leaders in psychology and behavioral economics.  Now, for the first time, we’ll share the secrets we discovered at our NEW, FREE Webinar—Getting Engaged with Your Research Respondents:  How to Take Your Targets from First Date to Long-Term Relationship.

Join us on March 7 from 12:00 -1:00 pm Central as Jackie Lorch, SSI’s Vice President, Global Knowledge Management and Jared Schiers, SSI’s Vice President, Engagement reveal:
  • The reasons respondents think we break our promises—and why they take it personally
  • The insights we can gain from the latest psychological and economic research into intrinsic motivation—and how that lines up with what people tell us in focus groups
  • The four characteristics you need to know about intrinsic motivation
  • The factors people say they want from their research experience—and how you can use this info to create more engaging surveys
  • The truth about gamification—why it often fails and what’s a better approach
  • The small changes that can make a big difference in your results
If you need to win the attention—and participation—of today’s distracted, multi-tasking audiences, this is a program you can’t afford to miss.  Register FREE now.  

Jackie Lorch, SSI Vice President, Global Knowledge Management
Jared Schiers, SSI Vice President, Engagement

Anthony Salas, American Marketing Association

Date: Wed, Mar 7, 2012
Time: 12:00 PM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): American Marketing Association
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Jackie Lorch, SSI Vice President, Global Knowledge Management
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Jackie Lorch has been with SSI for 20 years. She was a member of the team which developed SSI’s first online panel and managed the panel for several years. In her current role she conducts research on research in support of SSI clients’ research objectives, focusing especially on factors which impact quality and the respondent experience.  She is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Lorch has a BA from the University of Leeds, England, an MBA from The University of Connecticut and is a 2009 graduate of the University of Georgia Principles of Marketing Research program.

Jared Schiers, SSI Vice President, Engagement
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Jared oversees SSI’s respondent engagement strategy leveraging best practices from the market research space, behavioral economics and social psychology. Jared, an active member of the market research industry, joined SSI (then Western Wats) in 1997. In his time with SSI, he has worked as a Client Services Director, VP of Marketing, and most recently VP of Engagement. Jared has overseen the design and implementation of hundreds of intelligence and customer service initiatives, as well as the corporate re-branding of Western Wats to Opinionology.

Jared attended Idaho State University where he received his Bachelors of Business Administration in Information Systems. Jared enjoys outdoor sports and is an avid mountain biker, runner, and snowboarder.