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Other problematic contract clauses

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Other problematic contract clauses



In addition to the problematic contract clauses or “hot issues” that have been highlighted in previous webinars, this final webinar talks about a number of remaining managed care contract clauses that have caused problems for many physicians. These other clauses include most-favored nation, hold-harmless, indemnification, limitation on liability, limitation on damages, and so-called “gag” clauses. This webinar explains the effect of each of these clauses, and shows your practice how to identify these clauses when they appear in a managed care contract offered to you. The webinar describes steps many states have taken to prohibit, or at least restrict, use of these clauses, and shows your practice how to use the NMCC and NMCC database to determine what rights might be available to you.     The webinars will leave sufficient time for questions.  We encourage you to submit questions in advance. You can submit your questions when you register.
Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): AMA Practice Management Center
 Presenter Information
Wes Cleveland, JD

Wes Cleveland is an attorney in the AMA’s Private Sector Advocacy unit. Prior to joining the AMA, Mr. Cleveland served as assistant attorney general in the Office of the Texas Attorney General, an attorney in the Texas Medical Association’s Office of General Counsel, and in private practice in Austin, Texas, where he represented physicians, hospitals, and individual and institutional health care providers.

Mr. Cleveland advocates for physicians on a wide variety of issues related to federal fraud and abuse, antitrust, the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act, and state and federal managed care requirements.