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Managing Risk in Your Supply Chain: Leveraging Tools to Efficiently Manage Supplier Audits

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Protecting your organization’s brand requires strong supply chain risk management as any significant disruption has the potential to ripple through a supply chain and affect its interconnected network. It is critical that a company has visibility into all aspects of their supply chain including knowing if their suppliers are complying with local and international laws. For example; your brand could be damaged beyond repair if your company is associated with a supplier who uses child labor or has unsafe employee working conditions. These are just a couple of the potential unknown risks not really knowing your suppliers.

A systematic approach supply chain transparency enables an organization to identify, manage, and respond to potential risks — and with that increased visibility, establish a more robust and secure supplier program.


A properly implemented Supplier Verification process can protect your organization from these risks. Using BSI’s Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM) makes it easy to track your audits and it also makes it easier for you to track any corrective and preventive actions for your suppliers.


Participants will develop an understanding of:

  • Why you need to audit your suppliers
  • How to leverage technology for greater visibility of suppliers
  • How to drive supplier accountability
  • Tools for managing corrective actions for supply non-compliance 
Date: Wed, Nov 6, 2013
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): BSI
 Presenter Information
Lauri Powell, VP Advisory Services Development

Lauri joined BSI over 10 years ago and is responsible for driving BSI’s global verification services (VerifEye) into the marketplace. During her tenure at BSI, she has worked with many of our largest global customers providing solutions in the areas of software, environmental, health & safety, quality and information security. She holds distinction as a Holistic Information Security Practitioner and is also a trained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 lead auditor.

Prior to BSI, Lauri held positions in senior management with J.D. Power and Associates and worked extensively with primary manufacturers, suppliers and service industries measuring product quality and customer satisfaction in the supply chain.


Courtney Foster, SCM Client Services Analyst

Courtney Foster has worked for BSI for several years and now works with a team of BSI analysts in assessing overall security risks for corporations’ global supply chains through BSI’s Supplier Compliance Manager tool. With intimate knowledge of global threats to supply chain security, she identifies weaknesses in supplier and transportation provider assessments for corporations based on industry-accepted standards, such as the C-TPAT program and TAPA. Courtney manages a number of fortune 500 corporate accounts through the Supplier Compliance Manager tool and conducts risk assessments on approximately 8,000 suppliers through the tool.


In Ms. Foster’s previous role at BSI, she worked as an Intelligence Analyst to assess the potential threat of cargo disruption and terrorism to countries and corporations across the globe. By identifying trends in global security, she conducted threat analysis for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the C-TPAT program.