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Marketing at the Speed of Change

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Meeting Description:

The only constant in Marketing is change. Whether spurred by the economy, competition or your own product opportunities, marketers are constantly adjusting plans, messages and tactics. There are many marketing tools out there oriented to managing the demand generation or customer engagement engine for increasing the quantity and quality of leads or opportunities. There are also products out there for managing Marketing Operations to improve the efficiency or operational management in marketing. This webinar will explore the synergy of having these two pieces work together. Are the benefits great enough to drive how you operate in marketing?

Specifically, we’ll discuss questions such as:

·   When change happens, how should marketers respond?

·   How does the review and approval of concepts to creative impact campaign execution?

·   Are there efficiencies from having assets connected to the campaign creation process? 

·   Do you need to track cost and budgets in the same system you execute campaigns?

·   Do you have a good process for defining and managing the creation and use of offers?


We’ll debate these questions with Jonathan Block, Vice President and Service Director at SiriusDecisions, Allen Stiles of Deloitte and Aprimo CMO, Lisa Arthur.

Lisa Arthur, CMO, Aprimo

Jonathan Block, Vice President and Service Director, SiriusDecisions

Allen Stiles, Director, Northeast Marketing and Business Development, Deloitte

Alli Libb, Moderator, American Marketing Association



Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Alli Libb
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