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Weighing the Options: The Reliability and Validity of Alternative Satisfaction and Loyalty Measures

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Meeting Description:

Join Keith Chrzan, Chief Research Officer of Maritz Research, as he takes us through recently completed research on some common and uncommon Customer Experience and Loyalty measurement scales. 


Very little psychometric work has been performed to compare the validity of the various customer experience and loyalty scales.  For the most part, the scales tested by scholars differ from those used by practitioners.  Moreover, much of the testing practitioners have done has been proprietary and not shared widely within the marketing research industry. 


Keith and the Maritz Research Marketing Sciences team recently completed a fresh-eyed and rigorous look at the way we measure customer experience and loyalty.  The study reveals some surprising results about that basic building block of many customer studies, the satisfaction scale.  It also offers a surprising result about loyalty, where some common measures perform poorly.


You'll learn by attending:

  • Which satisfaction and loyalty measures are most reliable?
  • Which of these measures are most valid?
  • Which are most predictive of actual behavior?


Keith Chrzan, Chief Research Officer, Maritz Research
Anna Carbonara, Moderator, American Marketing Association

Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2012
Time: 12:00 PM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Anna Carbonara
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Maritz Research
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Keith Chrzan
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Keith Chrzan is the Chief Research Officer at Maritz Research. Keith has 20 years of experience on the client and supplier sides of the marketing research industry. His experience includes positions as Director of Marketing Research at Boehringer Mannheim Diagnostics and Managing Director of Marketing Sciences at IntelliQuest, Inc., an Austin Texas-based marketing research consultancy serving the technology industry.

An industry leader in the area of choice experiments, Keith is a frequent speaker at the American Marketing Association’s Advanced Research Techniques Forum, the Sawtooth Software Conference and the INFORMS Marketing Sciences Conference.  He is also the inventor of partial profile conjoint analysis and configuration conjoint analysis.

Keith received an M.B.A. in marketing from Indiana University and a B.A. in philosophy of religion from the University of Notre Dame.