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Epilepsy Disparities and Seizure First Aid

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November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and the Epilepsy Foundation invites health educators and public health professionals to heighten their awareness of epilepsy and the signs and symptoms of seizures. Males and non-Hispanic Blacks had the highest age-adjusted death rates with epilepsy from 2005 to 2014, per a 2016 study utilizing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 Higher epilepsy mortality among men and minority populations demonstrates the increased need for health educators, public health professionals, primary care providers, and students to be informed of epilepsy and how to support individuals living with epilepsy. Learn seizure first aid and where to obtain credible epilepsy health education resources by joining our awareness webinar at 2 PM EST on Thursday, November 15th. Learn more at
1. Greenlund S, Croft J, Kobau R. Epilepsy deaths by age, race/ethnicity, and gender – United States; 2005-2014. Epilepsy & Behavior 2017; 69:28-30. 
Date: Thu, Nov 15, 2018
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): SOPHE Education
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Dr. Steven Owens, MD, MPH, MA
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Dr. Owens has been the vice president of Program and Services of the Epilepsy Foundation for the past three years. He frequently contributes commentary to the Journal of Epilepsy Behavior. 

Patty Shafter, RN, MN
Patty is not only a practicing nurse who works with epilepsy patients daily, in addition to supporting patients through her education efforts through the Foundation, she is also living with epilepsy. 

Thometta Cozart, MS, MPH
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Thometta completed her doctoral health education internship with the Foundation a year ago and since has served as a program consultant to support efforts to increase the diversity, inclusion, and equity capacity of the Foundation and its networks.