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Generate Meaningful Participation in Your Webinar


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Have you ever been bored on a webinar, counting the minutes until it’s over?  Are webinars a chance for you to check your email or social media accounts? You’re not alone. Unfortunately most webinar participants struggle focusing on and staying engaged in hour long webinars. If participants fail to pay attention to your webinar, your content and message will reach them as well as it reached the people who failed to even attend in the first place. However, it is time to stray away from the norm and keep your audience intrigued and interested for the entire duration of your webinar. Learn how to create a better and more interactive webinar experience for your participants.

Join Susan Stewart, Director of Online Learning and Collaboration at Guided Meetings, as she explains:

·         What makes participatory webinars different from other webinar offerings

·         Three design considerations for participatory webinars

·         Strategies for getting and maintaining attention in an online environment

·         Ways to actively involve participants with webinars

Date: Wed, Sep 17, 2014
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): ReadyTalk & Guided Meetings
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Susan Stewart
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Owner - Guided Meetings

Susan Stewart is the Director of Online Learning and Collaboration at Guided Meetings.  She works with non-profit and corporate clients to design and deliver online meetings and participatory webinars.  In addition, she teachers others how to create webinars that are not only engaging, but facilitate interaction between the presenter and the participants and among the participants.  Another aspect of her work is visualizing PowerPoint presentations - taking text-based content and selecting images that support the concepts being discussed and that will provide a "hook" to assist the learner in retaining the information shared.  Examples of her work can be found at